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Time to get back to basics

Unbelievable, last post was in August. A lot has happened since then. Completed a Tough Mudder lost some toenails in the process and got pretty banged up. Shoulder issues have continued but I have continued with going to the gym. This past Saturday competed in an event at our gym and realized how much I have gone backwards with all these nagging injuries.
With all this I have decided I need to go back to basics, work on the core, stamina and lower the weights to concentrate on form. It is 5-6 months until the Crossfit Games Open competition and if done correctly I should be on track to make some improvement from last year.
Stay tuned.


January is coming to a close in a couple of days and I have not written too much for a couple of weeks. Lately I have been getting caught up with stuff at work and other things that have taken up more time than I wanted them to. This is not an excuse just a simple fact that days only have 24 hours and you still need to eat, sleep, work and it takes time to go from one place to another.

I have made a self challenge for February that my wife has taken me up on and that is doing 75 squats per day for the month. This came about when I felt I did not do a WOD particularly well that had 300 air squats. I needed to improve that movement as they are an integral part of Crossfit. Now on top of the monday to friday WOD I will be doing these babies for the month.

The next decision I made was based on some discussions at work with some people about an event called the Tough Mudder. This little darling is an endurance and fitness test of 10-12 miles of 20 or so obstacles that usually include electric shocks, fire, water, cargo nets, ropes and of mud and lots of it. I have been trying to see what my schedule was in July as their would be one close to us in New England however I have limited availability that month. August is good and there is one in Toronto where I can visit family at the same time, so that looks more promising.

It looks like I now have a purpose for the year. I need to improve dramatically or Games 2013 will not happen, that is not an option as the Games are goal #1. The Atlantic Hopper will be in July and I do not want to be last and the Tough Mudder in August will take a lot of training just to do 10 miles of running/walking while completing the obstacles.

With this set of fun things to do, I need to start somewhere and it looks like the legs will be the first place to start and if this weather keeps getting warmer I may be able to get outside to start running sooner than I expected. I am not sure that is a good thing.