The previous posting stated I needed to go back the basics. I did not exlain why exactly I came to that conclusion or the reason why I need to. This revelation came when I entered a small competition on Saturday Nov 2nd held out our box called “Maritime Mayhem”.

There were three divisions that one could enter, Rx’d(prescribed), Scaled/Recreational, or Masters. I entered the Masters division and soon found out that I was the oldest competitor in the entire field of 127 athletes, plus I was judging eight different heats during the day.

I had not entered any competition involving weights in over a year other than the Tough Mudder, Mud Hero race and two Five Mile runs so I knew that it would be a rather rough day but one that I could handle,  or so I thought.

First event of the day and I was in the first heat. A lovely triplet 10 minute AMRAP of 10 Hand Release Pushups, 10 Kettlebell Swings 55lbs, and 10 Goblet Backward Lunges with same 55lbs. With my shoulder issues of the past 8 eight weeks and knees just getting over the Tough Mudder I figured that I would die on the back lunges and that was pretty much the case. My swelling knees took two days to recover, while the shoulder took only a day. The second event was 24 Burpees, followed by 10 Deadlifts, 10 Hang Cleans, and finally 10 Shoulder to Overhead all at 115 pounds. This brought me to the hurried and correct conclusion that I need to rethink what I needed to do to improve when the Crossfit Games Open arrives in February-March. 

I did okay in the first Games Open that I entered and slightly bettered myself the next year before an injury took me out of the gym for almost three months. I have slowly come back and relunctantly decided to enter this competition as it was at our location and I needed to know how I would hold up when there was competition. The answer was clear at this point, “I sucked” I know I could do better and truth be told I did better than some as I, at least, entered. Others did not because they did not train, had nagging injuries, ect., but that is not the point of entering for me. It is the fact that I get to judge where I am in my training, where my weak points are, and how my mental attitude is when I reached that point of pain/exhaustion. I got lots of answers and with my chiropractor looking on as an observer he noticed some things that said we are working on the wrong part of my body. The problem is not your shoulder it is your core being weak and making your shoulder work incorrectly.

So it is back to the basics and start working the core every second day at the gym while working with light weights to start and build back the strength that I had late last year. Patience is the key along with sticking to a plan instead of bouncing around like a bee searching for nectar. 

This is not going to be easy…