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Last year I wanted to do many things with my health. Some things I accomplished others I did not. Was I successful, well that depends.

The year threw some interesting curves at me and I believe I adapted to them quite well. This year will be different! I have set no goals for the year and have set more long term plans. While I am striving to get better each time I go to workout. I will be going to incremently improve instead of trying for the big gain. I know I have the ability to “lift big” however this does me no good if I am constantly getting injured and .have to start the process all over again.

I needed to be more intelligent on my programming. Why was I getting injured? Why was I sore more often then when I started? I had to review what I did when I started and that was more basic training and work on my mobility. When I started I could not squat to proper depth, lift anything with weight without having my back bent and list went on. Improve came when I did those simple things, so why was I complicating things?

Lately I have focused mobility and the changes in how I feel have been great. Shoulder and knees pain have decreased to managable levels and somehow the PRs have started to increase.

The plan for this year is for a gradual increase and to work some skills that I lack to move up in the standings in the Crossfit Open. I have not finished in the top half of the my age group since the first Open and that was due to the small field. I expect this year that there will be close to 2000 competitors just in my age group (55-59). This years Open will start February 27 and run the usual 5 weeks.

Should be fun and good luck to all the people who enter and compete!


It’s been a while since I last posted (no shit!!).
The space in between has een filled with many new things and challenges, some good some not so good. But that’s life! Suck it up and move on.
I have come to conclusion that the only way to the Crossfit Games is as a spectator, that’s reality. Not that I wont try to get better but to do so requires more that I do not have or can find at this time. That means I need to take a different approach to do so. There are many items I lack now however I need to find fun ways to achieve them because if you can’t have fun it is work and no one likes work.
Last month I entered a Mud Hero race, a simple 6km obstacle course, it was nothing as drastic as a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race, but it had a ski hill to climb, some mud to run through and a few challenging obstacles. In other words a good beginner course and somewhere to start. I figured if I could do this without getting hurt and come in around a time I figured on, I would be happy. In reality I did better than figured and had fun.
I have now found something that is a blast to do. I have entered a Tough Mudder in September and have a realistic time goal in mind. Let’s just say it will be in the 3.5 hour range.
I am taking this seriously and have gone to see some professional people to help me in my running. I am doing this to help get more endurance which should help improve my Crossfit workouts. The next step I am taking is due to the price of gas rising, there is no health kick involved in this decision, I am getting a bike (pedal power type) so I bike to work. Fuel is getting out of hand and money is money, I like it in my pocket not someone else’s.
Have i gone fitness crazy? Not really, I just want to enjoy things more and it is better this way. Do I hurt more? Hell yeah!! I have shoulder issues, knees are creaking(sort of), different parts of my body are bruised, cut, scraped, and battered from doing this but I love it. They are like battle scars of me not sitting down and letting Father Time catch up. He will eventually but not unless he gets in shape and besides there are a lot of easier prey for him in my tracks.
I don’t need to be the fastest I only have to be ahead of you.

Pole work

We were doing a WOD that included Air Squats and one female member who has had two complete hip replacements(not resurfacing) requires some assistance to complete a full depth squat for balance. She usually grabs hold of the pullup rig post for this.

Coach M: Who’s got change for a $20? The way she is working that pole I need to give her something

Coach T(female) was providing encouragement during a wall ball and situp WOD.

While making our way in a downward ladder, that is 50,40,30,20,10 counts of these lovely movements you need someone to always make sure you are doing them correctly.

T:  Come on Chris, deeper, deeper, that’s it. Now get it up, get it up, deeper, deeper.

Me: T, is this really what you should be saying to me in a crowded gym.

T: What? I need you to go deeper. (then the light went on)

Wall Balls with T will never be the same.




This week at the gym has been a tough one. It was a short week with Thanksgiving and the gym being closed on Monday but that has not made it easier as the workouts have been just nasty. The worst part is that they never look that bad on paper or when you read them on the gyms’ website and we know from history that it is the easiest looking ones that sneak up on you and knock the crap out of you.

I mean what can be so hard 5 cycles of a 3 minute AMRAP of 3 power cleans, 6 push ups, 9 air squats; after this one my legs were burning along with my shoulders. The day before we did a workout with the clock continually running of 3 round for time(RFT) of 10 snatches, 10 push ups then at the 10 minute mark do another 3 RFT of 10 Thrusters, 10 chest to bar pullups, then at the 20 minute mark do another 3 RFT of 10 box jumps, 10 toes to bar. This one had me close to puking. Today’s WOD was just cruel after the two previous ones. It consisted of 2 minutes each movement of Double Unders, ABMat Sit ups, Row for calories, Burpees, and Box Jumps for 3 rounds. My legs/knees are still hurting from this one and it has been 4.5 hours since we finished and tomorrow brings running into the mix. All this “fun” has been caused by our owners getting new equipment for the gym (we can’t wait to use it) and due to construction of the new Infinity Rig from Rogue we have been doing these combo MetCons and power lifts until it is finished.

We all can’t wait until everything is in the correct place and bolted down as it will be a blast as we now have ropes to climb and proper bars to do pull-ups, plus the extra weights and abmats mean that more variations will be on the way. I am sure it will be ready for this coming Monday and we should see some WOD’s that incorporate the new stuff.

I cannot remember if I mentioned that I entered a weight loss challenge at work. Well I have and as usual the challenge started off with a weigh in, my weight was 219.6 (clothes on), waist measurement (41 inches) my goal is to get under 200 lbs or more specifically 190 lbs plus drop 3 inches around my waist in the 10 weeks that this challenge is going on. Based on todays weigh in the first week has been a success as I lost 3 lbs the first week (I blame the WOD’s this week for this good news) the waist measurement will happen at the end of the challenge.

The paleo challenge at the gym ended at Friday midnight and the post challenge party was set for Saturday at a local eatery that one of our members owns. Keeping in the true spirit of the challenge he had a buffet set with food that followed the paleo diet in case anyone decided to adopt that lifestyle plus some non paleo food for the guests and members who decided not to partake in it.

The food was great and company was even better. We had a large group show up, around 40-50, and the place only had enough room for 10-15 more people. There were a few walk-ins who seemed taken aback with the crowd and decided that we were a little to loud for their liking. Too bad, they would have found out we are not that bad, we just tend to have a strange way of having fun. I think the other part is that we are an intimidating looking bunch as no one is out of shape.

After the food and some drink it was decided to head over to the gym, which is a 3 minute walk from the restaurant, and continue the party and that is when the fun began as hand stands for time and various other endeavours started happening. Apparently our one and only box owner decided to do something that I missed and as we say “tried to fly” (usually means that someone slipped off the pull-up bar and end up on their back). No broken bones were involved and probably gave everyone a scare but I am sure he continued on, but I am sure he will be feeling it at some point.

As for me and my wife, we managed to keep ourselves away from the wheat and gluten for the night and still had a wonderful time with the group. Since we do not drink that much in the first place it is not that hard to say no to a drink, food on the other hand is much more difficult and it has been easier to say no or tell someone that you cannot eat wheat or have gluten.

With winter just around the corner, we are starting to enter the serious season. In the next few months people will have to start to step it up as the Crossfit Open will be coming up very fast if you are paying attention. Those 5-6 weeks of workouts will suck the life out of you if you are not prepared physically. Amy for the first time is seriously taking a run at the Games and would like to see where she stands in comparison to others in the region. Me, I want to improve on my placing of 302nd and move into the top 200 or better. It will take everything I have to make that improvement as I lack some skills and with my injury I had I am not sure how I will get those skills for this year.

This month also marks a weight loss challenge we have going on a work. I decided to enter as I need to focus on losing some 20 pounds to be able to improve those skills I previously mentioned. My starting weight is 214 with BP hovering around 130/80 not bad but both are a bit high and need to come down some.

With the end of the month being Halloween lets hope it is not scary.

The first week of my W/G free world has passed. Has there been any change? The answer so far has been a resounding YES! I have dropped 4 pounds one week, blood pressure has dropped to closer to a “normal” level, I have not had a real hunger craving for food and I bet my blood sugar levels have dropped and the good HDL has improved. Another positive is the increase in endurance that has shown up, usually I am drained during a workout pretty quickly and I have been working to improve that part of my fitness regimen. Whether this is due to the endurance program I adapted or the W/G free diet or a combination of both, I am not sure. The key point is that I am getting further into the AMRAP’s before really sucking for air.

Yesterday and today were good examples of that change. Yesterday was an endurance day along with the usual strength component, simple push presses with 80 pounds 5 sets of 5, then on the rower for 10 rounds of 300M, I should have done some running but with hurricane strength winds plaguing the city all day it was safer to do the rowing. What I noticed was that the 300M did not feel like it going to kill me. I managed to do the first 5 rounds fairly effortlessly and even though I was going at a pace that would have beaten my previous best I did not feel like I was going to die. The next 5 were a bit different and by the time I finished the ten, I was breathing pretty heavily just not like I would have been 2 months ago when I would have died after one rep at 300M.

Then today’s workout was two 10 minute AMRAP’s set one was 50 double unders and 25 push presses at 75 pounds. I have not mastered double unders, my PR is 2 in a row, so I did the 3 to 1 ratio for singles. Today was just a bad day for skipping as I could not string together a good set, the longest was 69, and I have done 3 sets of 150 during a workout unbroken. I don’t know what happened as I had some poor co-ordination for these today. Then right after that WOD it was another 10 minute AMRAP of 10 overhead walking lunges I used a 25 lb plate for this and 30 Ab-Mat situps. These would have caused some serious issues 4 months ago especially the second WOD no matter what it would have been. Not this time, WOD one, I completed 2 rounds and 2 reps – WOD two I managed 4 rounds + 2 reps and I felt really good throughout the workout, yes I had a good sweat on but no serious issues if I had done this 4 months ago.  I will keep following this W/G free plan and see where it takes me.

It has been good so far…

Measurements for the record – Waist 40 inches (no change) – Weight 215.2 (a loss of 4.8lbs) – BP 129/81  – Heart rate resting 55 I did not have the BMI and Water percentages available and will have them next week.


Random Thoughts

Whoever thought up burpee squat cleans should be shot.

When I am in a paleo challenge, people at work should not be allowed to bring in Subway sandwiches, pizza or any other food that leaves a lingering smell.

How hard is it to flush a toilet?

Aston Martin Vanquish

My dentist’s chair is very comfortable

Do dental hygienists/assistants just touch your fillings with a metal probe just to see how high you can jump?

Finally someone figured out how to reduce calls to city hall – pave a road or two and get rid of the pot holes.

They hire people to tell me to move over in construction zone when there is a huge tractor parked in the lane that is blocked.

Why do electricians have to tell people the switch is not working – why do you think you were called?

does anyone know how to train a cat?

older people(+75) driving have only two speeds – OMG and WTF both can be followed with “get retested”

how hard is it to put a sewer opening at the lowest point in the road or parking lot – is that not where the water will collect

We have a sign at work on the washroom stall door that says “Please be considerate of others when using the facilities” – I still have not figured out how to be considerate when I am taking a crap.

Today was Dragon Boat Racing. The yearly Hospital Foundation charity drive to raise funds for different equipment. This year it was for Men’s Health and they exceeded their goal of $235,000 and raised $253,000. Another great year and the excess money goes to purchasing smaller things like new Blood Pressure cuffs, equipment/supplies for long-term care patients or various other things that hospitals require.

My team from Xerox named Xerox Gung Ho did not expect to do much this year, namely due to poor participation and lack of a full team for the two practices. The team Xerox entered last year did not perform well and ended up in 2nd last place. My wife and I needed a team as we were left hanging this year. Insert us into the work team and you will surely get the expectations up from lets participate to we can do better than what they did last year.

My last post was on commitment and this group does not have the same zeal for winning that my wife has. A few wish to do well but others just want to be in the boat for the day. Next year a new commitment to this race will be required as I think I can get them to focus on doing well if they want to. I don’t think anyone wants to just compete. Always doing poor breeds the same results and changing the team’s personnel all the time like this year does not help improve that performance. When you have poor performance no one wants to participate. That is why when diets, gyms and fitness regiments don’t work or fail to get the results you expect most people will stop doing them.

Next year I am going to change that for the team at work. I am going to be the lead for this Team. They will be in for a shock as I want to separate the fundraising from the race team. We can help out the fundraising team but we will not get that involved that it takes the focus off the race.

Dragon Boats take only one thing to do right, have everyone in unison and you can make the boat go fast. Once someone is out of sync you lose momentum and that is hard to get back in a short race. Practice is the key and having everyone understand that all you need is go all out for one minute. I already have a bunch of people from today wanting the defeatist attitude to move somewhere else. The group will also be expected to practice the technique of paddling and drumming, yes drumming is very important, as todays big winner won the race because their drummer helped with the momentum of the boat the other team’s drummer was only a passenger and dead weight.

Here are some pics of the race:

Teams racing at the Saint John Dragon Boat Festival

More teams racing – this is at the finish line

The winning team for 2012 – Dragon Boat East Beasts

And to paraphrase the words of Bette Davis “fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy ride”.

Till next year Dragon Boats Race.

Today was our company’s first practice for the Annual Dragon Boat Fundraiser. While we did not have a full complement of people to fill the boat due to commitments to family (children’s soccer, basketball, baseball, ect) or baseball playoffs for the adults we did have great time. As other teams had the same issues we borrowed some people to make up the 5 people we were short tonight.

We did pretty good all things considered. To put it in perspective, last year our Crossfit box entered a team. No one knew what to do however we had fitness, strength and endurance  to supposedly make up that difference. As a first time team we did real well coming in fourth overall, with more time in the boat we probably would have been 1st or 2nd, as our times for the race were close to 55 seconds. Last year the company we work for had a poor performance with the two times from their heats being 1:06 and 1:10 as you can see they had nowhere to go but up. For this practice the team managed not to injure each other with the paddles and during a mock race with two other team managed to beat them as well. Confidence was up and I think for one of the few times the company team did pretty good.

I want to finish this post by saying that my wife loved the practice last year and would have loved to race however commitments of spots to other people prevented her from getting in the boat on race day. She was really down about that for a long time. This year she is guaranteed a seat for the race and is really pumped. While I will miss the workout at the gym for the next few days, we had beautiful weather, calm water and had fum with a lot of co-workers. Pictures on the day of racing will be posted either Saturday or Sunday night.

Just for the record we did do an hour of Dragon Boat practice plus I have an excited and pumped up wife.

Can life get any better?