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Yes, it has been a bit since the last post, about 7-10 days, however I have a valid reason, I am injured. Nothing life threatening just a small slice on the right ring finger. As the title of this post says, injuries are a bitch but they are worse when they are stupid ones. No, I did not do this at the gym but where most accidents happen, the kitchen.

I was not paying attention to what I was doing plus I did not take proper precautions, when using the mandolin to slice potatoes for Au Gratin Potatoes. Good news, no potatoes were harmed and the gratin came out wonderfully. The bad news was that I could not type for a few days and workouts were a bit of a challenge, since we do a lot of olympic style lifting and hands are important for holding the bar. Luckily for me most of the workouts involved movements that did not require a lot of grip strength.

This tells me one thing, I need another vacation. I have started to enquire at work how the sabbatical program works and what I will be required to pay every week to take a year off. This would provide me with the ability to travel and get paid as usual. Maybe more people should check into what their employers have in place for a sabbatical.

As for the workouts I have started on a slightly different approach. I am cutting back the weights so that I can work on form more. This will help develop better technique for the future. If I am going to get to the Crossfit Games I will have to meet the standards that they have for how a movement is to be completed and counted. No point doing things twice as some things are bad just doing it once.

That is the update for today. Tomorrow I will be trying to beat my personal record of one double under in skipping rope so I think my Tourette’s will be acting again. Now that will be interesting…


Still feeling the after vacation blues after a week, though not as bad as the first day back. The workouts at the gym have a way of making you feel better even though your body is asking for forgiveness. I think that may the be the only thing that makes coming back to the cold worthwhile, other than the cats of course. This week has been rather bleak weather wise with not much sun and lots of cloud cover. In response to this I am looking at the vacation pictures of the great sunsets and sunny days that happened every day.

Karon Sunset - Phuket Thailand

These sunsets happened every night except for one where we had one of those monsoon rains that drop enough water to have four or five inches of water on the ground.







At work we are now having the usual fundraising and donations that happen every year at this time and is it just me or does it seem to start earlier every year. Man, do I need a vacation…

Crashing surf - a restful sound










The other thing that I miss from any warm climate vacation is the colour that is so abundant in many tropical locations. I knew I was home as soon as I saw the drab greens, browns and black that the people wear in the northern climes. Even the basic beach umbrella is more colourful. This abundance of colour, from the flora and fauna to the clothes and even the food, lift the spirtit and make you feel better. If you dont think so, try a small experiment at work or with your friends. Wear something that is a bright colour, dont be outlandish, and see how people react. I bet they will smile and lets face it, it sort of gives you more energy and makes you feel happy.

Colourful Umbrellas










In another week or so I will have to get back into the workouts big time. I noticed during this last workout that I had some issues with weight that should not provide me too much trouble. That means I need to refocus on doing the Wendler Strength workout twice a week. Additionally we are having a 100 burpee per day challenge until the 25th of December and I have not signed up however I should make an effort to get some in to make room for the turkey that will be consumed that day.


One of the reasons that we decided to go to Phuket, actually it was just me, was that I wanted to go to a sun destination. The decision for this was made after having an enjoyable trip to Paris in April, however the weather when we arrived back home in New Brunswick Canada was not that great. We had 15C to 21C temperatures  in Paris and came back to temperatures hovering around 5C to 8C. My wife explained that she was not to keen on going to the Caribbean as we lived there for 4 years and it would be the same old, same old and it would be the same if we went to Florida, Las Vegas or any other U.S. southern destination.

After a few seconds of thought I said, “Let’s go to Thailand at the end of the year. We like the food, I heard that the beaches are great and we have not been there.” and at that point the decision was made. Little did I know I made a fantastic decision. The summer sucked big time in New Brunswick and the trip was even better, and it cheered both of us up leaving the dreary weather conditions at home.

The first thing we both did on arriving was take a quick shower and head to the beach as it was only 10am when we checked in to the room. It was a great decision even after 35 hours of flying and waiting. The reviews of the hotel location said that it was only a 5 minute walk to the beach and they were correct. We changed and went to where the sound of the waves were coming from, and lo and behold, a beach that went on for miles.

Karon Beach looking towards the south








Karon Beach looking towards the North





All the beaches were different as I think I mentioned it previously in another postiing. Karon Beach had big breakers and Kata Beach was more of a family beach with surf that did not want to beat you silly. Some of the outer islands had white sandy beaches, others had golden sand, and at all of the beaches the sand made a squeaking noise when you walked on the sand.



Below are some pics from the beach, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when walking along them.

A View of Karon Beach from the @Beach Restaurant









Rows of chairs and umbrellas









Fun on the beach - some is going Parasailing

Soaking up the Vitamin D


The vacation is over, literally. The big welcome back to remind us that we weren’t in Thailand any longer was the foot of snow on the ground in Saint John from a large storm front that came up the eastern seaboard like a child on a temper tantrum after it has been told that they cannot do that because it is not officially winter until Dec 20/21. Mother Nature needs to get her kids in line, why are we getting walloped and not the little snot of a storm front. I mean, I do my part for the environment so should I not get some consideration for my effort. Come on Nature get with the program.

I am suffering from the apres vacation hangover. It is similar to the drink hangover, you feel like shit the next day as you realize that you should not have stopped drinking to avoid the hangover or you should not have done so much. To make matters worse, instead of just chilling for the fours days I had before work, I decide to go in to the gym to do a workout. I swear I had a hat on to keep the sun from baking my brain like a pizza.

confirmation that I had a hat










The workout nearly killed me and it was a team event. Holy Crap, my body felt horrible, and the funny thing is our team had the best time for the workout for the whole day. During the workout when it was getting a bit rough on me, I kept thinking “why did I come back?” Then I heard this god awful noise and realized it was me breathing (not dead yet).  I need to get back to the beach where my only worry was making sure I did not step on the little beach crabs that run around on the beach.

My original goal with this blog was to track my progress towards qualifying for the Crossfit Games in 2012. At this point I am not even close to having some skillsets that I need to make this happen. That is not a problem, as I am a whole lot closer than when I started on this quest. It is the ultimate goal, but that does not mean I cannot have fun along the way. I mean I will be 55 in 2012 and I have placed myself in the best shape I have been in such a long time that I might as well forget what I did in the distant past.

This is now and I look forward to the future, dont dwell on the past as that I cannot change.

I have found that writing on different subjects makes me happy. I get to voice my opinion on what I think and no one can tell me otherwise. So expect a different take on things in the future on this blog, yes, I will post some things in regards to my progress, but realistically I wont be ready for the Games until 2013.

The last few days I have been slowly getting back to daily life around the workplace. It is a germ infested cesspool from people who send their children to daycare where all manner of germs mingle and become a super strain and then the parents bring that crap to work with them. Man, I need to go to HR as complain that they are in my scent zone whenever they decide they need my limited expertise.

Eventually I will become another Winston (Orwell 1984) and looks for ways to avoid Big Brother. December is another month and one can only hope for a sunny day.