Category: $%#* My Coach Says

Pole work

We were doing a WOD that included Air Squats and one female member who has had two complete hip replacements(not resurfacing) requires some assistance to complete a full depth squat for balance. She usually grabs hold of the pullup rig post for this.

Coach M: Who’s got change for a $20? The way she is working that pole I need to give her something


Coach T(female) was providing encouragement during a wall ball and situp WOD.

While making our way in a downward ladder, that is 50,40,30,20,10 counts of these lovely movements you need someone to always make sure you are doing them correctly.

T:  Come on Chris, deeper, deeper, that’s it. Now get it up, get it up, deeper, deeper.

Me: T, is this really what you should be saying to me in a crowded gym.

T: What? I need you to go deeper. (then the light went on)

Wall Balls with T will never be the same.




Not a OB/GYN

During a pre WOD session to make sure our technique is fine. The following is coach instructing a female named M

Coach: M, I am amazed that your ankle has that much mobility and you can squat with your feet that close together.

M now adjusts her stance a bit.

Coach: That’s not far enough, spread your legs and let me see your snatch (the lift we were going to be doing)

Stretching Groins

This is a new category that will have its moments. All things said during a pre, during, and post WOD if not said inside the Box would take on a completely different meaning usually quite funny and risque if spoken someplace else other than a Benny Hill Show.

Todays beauty comes during a post wod stretch session involving hamstrings and groins.


Coach: “Now you should feel it in your groin and if you don’t then pull harder”