MattiueThe past weekend was one of the most interesting, tough and rewarding weekends I have had in a while. I had been contemplating a few months ago if I should take the Level 1 Crossfit Trainers Certification and finally decided to spend the $$ and do it.
It was a wise decision and luckily the timeframe the course in Toronto was at a perfect time for me to do two things; get away from Saint John for a mini vacation and learn something from people that would provide a different eye to how I move what to imprve or work on to move forward.
Let me say this first, my coaches are top notch as I did not have to worry about being the person in class who had poor form, range of motion, or lack of basic skills. There were some small fixes I had to do, such as move my feet a bit wider and where to position my head on some movements but for the most part my box coaches have taught me well and for that I am extremely grateful. I was worried abut how I would move compared to most of the others, who I thought would be and confirmed when I arrived 25-35 years my junior.
The weekend was a blast, I was surprised to have Austin Malleolo, a top ranked Crossfitter, as one of the trainers. He is solidly put together in a small package and has a great sense of humour as well. We had great instructors for the weekend, Paul MacDonald, Denise Thomas, Mat Dubreucq, Kevin Ailliaud, James Hobart, and Keith Wittenstein who provided everyone with great information and were very good in presenting it without anyone feeling left out. The teaching sessions were well run and as the have done this many times kept it all moving along with military precision.
I found Keith’s tips for myself were most helpful in my moving forward with progression pullups and muscle ups as someone who has been challenged due to shoulder and weight issues. In his 10 years of experience I am sure he has seen enough people like me to provide coaching that resonates with them. Denise was helpful in providing knowledge in nutrition and made me think that I should investigate the Zone Diet which is what CF states in much better for their athletes than the Paleo Diet.
James was the main spokesperson for the group and did a masterful job in doing the intros, greetings before starting the day or after lunch and set the agenda for what to expect. The other intructors rotated for each movement amongst the groups so you had a chance to evaluate each one and they had the same chance to do so on us.
I learned a lot during the two days and would recommend that everyone should consider taking this course if you are wanting to take Crossfit seriously. These two days provided me with a much needed confidence boost as well. During the workouts that were provided I was not the last one done told when I did things correctly.
Crossfit has and is a great community that should be adopted by any other sports to get people interested in thinking about development instead of the dollars that can be made for a child “IF” they make it in their sport. Crossfit does not want the ego to become involved as poor decisions will be made when ego gets in the way of common sense.
I will describe the adventure home another time as that was a WOD in itself