Well, Mr. Castro, thanks for keeping things simple for most of us. I say that now since I have not done 13.2 yet. Watching Annie Thorisdottir kick this squarely between the … she made this look so easy and Lindsay Valenzuela is no slouch for lifting.
After watching these two go at it, I started thinking how would I attack this and what would be 1) a great score for me 2) a good score and 3) what is my weakest link in this triplet.
Lets start with point 3, the weakest link, as that will help me achieve points 1 and 2. Normally I would say that lifting overhead at this point would it, due to shoulder injury, but it is only 5 reps and anything goes for getting it overhead, but my box jumps are horrid. They have no pace, I am unbalanced when I land, my quads are burning after 20 or so, the list is exhaustive.
The question is how to I make these tolerable to achieve point 1.
Today I was at our box to go through the motions and plan a bit of a strategy, if there is on after 4 rounds. I found that I can make the best use of my time with step ups jumping up takes too much time which I cannot afford at my level. I also calculated that an optimum score for me would be 9 rounds or a score of 270 which means I have to complete every round in roughly 1:07 seconds. A possibility for the first few rounds, as my practice round was completed in 1:01, and my wife called one no rep. But I am no greyhound except for the grey part.
That leaves a small margin of error to get to 270 and it was amazing to hear one of our coaches killed this with a score of 309, that is friggin’ awesome.

Lets recap – 270 means a killer pace for me of 1:07 and a good score would be 240 which is a solid pace of 1:15 for each round with a bit of recoup between box jumps and shoulder to overhead.
The one thing to remember is that there is no rest point in this one except moving from Box to Bar and vice versa and that is not much.
God how I wish I was a gymnast on this one.

I’ll let you know how it turns out Friday night.