One of the added benefits that I have found since joining Crossfit is the sense of community that is pervasive through out all of the locations. When I was at other fitness locations there was never any of that sense that you have of belonging. That is not to say that the people there are not nice or fantastic people as I we all know a lot of people who are at those places, it is just different at any Crossfit location. Everyone wants you to succeed, plus when support is needed somewhere it is given 100%.

This Saturday was no exception. By now most people have heard of the Sandy Hook tragedy, rather than explain it just check the news. The Crossfit community has workouts that are named Hero WOD’s for people who have fallen in the line of duty, fireman, police officers, people in the armed services, and this teacher, Victoria Soto, was no different. Most of the gym was there except for some people who had work schedules or were on vacation out-of-town to raise money for the families of this tragedy.

The workout as well was fitting for the situation as all the numbers meant something – 5 rounds (years of work), 10 thrusters (room 10), 14 box jumps (the day), 12 sumo deadlift high pulls (the month), 12 burpees (the year) and 27 Kettlebell Swings (her age) – plus we had a donation button on our website for people to contribute. The amazing thing is that every Crossfit location in the Maritime Provinces did this workout we even had an equipment supplier in Quebec – Again Faster Canada – make their members do this as well.

BTW if you do wish to contribute the donation button will still be active until Tuesday click on the link I hope it will work:

This workout was rough and took a lot of mental fortitude to complete but as one member mentioned in her comments, as she is 27 years old, every time she got to the kettlebell swings  she thought od what she has done during her 27 years. I think she had the right attitude, for me Ms Soto could have been the age of a child I might had and that those children she saved may have been my grandchildren.

Now when people ask YOU why do you go to your gym, what do you say?

The heart and mind is just as important as the muscles to stay in shape.