2012 has left the building and 2013 just marched right in without a care in the world. Just like it owned the place. In one sense it does, as tomorrow will come and it does not matter if a day, number or name is attached to it. It just rises as it always does, it keeps moving.

Not sure if this is philosophical or not, don’t really care either way, but I think I will follow same relentless and determined goal of the sun rising every day and see what happens. The sun rises without question usually every 12 hours after it sets, give or take the earths position. It is relentless in its quest to keep shining as we revolve around it. With this, I decided, I too need to be relentless in my pursuit to achieve what I want. The goal does not have to be met tomorrow so that I feel like I have failed somehow if it is not achieved. The goal needs to be worn down by the relentless pursuit of being one little bit closer to it, just like the sun rising every day it continues on and on.

Today during the workout I kept that same rule, keep moving, keep going and pounding out the next move as it brings you closer to the end. This worked as I managed for probably one of the very few times, no make that the only time, to beat the time of someone who is a small tank and normally crushes these workouts by 10 seconds. That is akin to Team USA (Lake Placid 1980) in hockey beating the Russians. I feel great!!!

2013 will also bring new things for me. I put in place some goals to achieve for the first time in a long time and will do my best to make them happen. Do I expect to achieve them all? I could say yes but that would be silly as one never knows what the future holds, but I can be relentless and take them one by one. If I have 10 and clear one of them there will be 9 left and I will be that much closer to getting them all completed.

To all who read and follow my blog, thank you. I hope your 2013 will be a success and brings you much joy and happiness. I hope you have the relentless pursuit to achieve what you want that I tried to explain here. I know that tomorrow I will be one step closer to what I want to complete.

May you have the same success.