Pain and gain. These two words seem to go hand in hand for anyone to achieve success.

For me yesterday’s WOD was a killer and the pain part due to the fact that my knees take a beating with overhead walking lunges, They are still sore from yesterday and as suspected will be sore and tender for another 2 days. Unfortunately there is not much to help alleviate the pain and soreness other than rest.

The gain part came 24 hours later, today, with a new PR on “Grace”which consists of 30 Clean and Jerks for time. The mens and ladies prescribed weights for this movement is 135 lbs for men and 95 lbs for the ladies. While I did not attempt the 135 lbs mark I did complete the 95 lb ladies prescribed weight. This meant a new PR in upping the weight and I knocked 57 seconds off my previous PR. Add this to a new PR for Double Unders (4) and you have a good feeling about how far you’ve come.

This gain part is hopefully very contagious as I am sure there will be a lot of chances to improve most of the numbers on the white board. This year alone has been a grind for me as I had some personal and work issues that have placed some challenges on me. I had to miss two months of training and workouts and five months later I have started to see the improvements because of the need to improve some fundamentals to avoid having any pop that can and should be avoided with proper technique. This work has paid off with success in new PR’s on rowing, double unders and benchmark WOD’s. I have few other goals that I need and want to accomplish before February 2013 but slow and steady wins the race.