Even though it has been around a week since the last post it certainly feels a lot longer. This week has brought a myriad of, for no other word, stuff. Saturday I made a new soup, a coconut based soup with shrimp and noodles, that my wife loved so much she told me to make this one all the time, plus a shrimp cooked in coconut milk dish that works very well with rice. After that was done it was time to get ready for the Halloween party at the gym. I decided to go as a person of darkness and looked closer to The Joker portrayed by the late Heath Ledger, even my cat backed away from me when I walked anywhere near her so it must have looked good. I did get some strange stares when I went in to a couple of stores before getting to the gym.

The beginning of the week was interesting as Hurricane Sandy started to get more attention as it’s direction had where we were in its crosshairs, luckily for us it changed direction just a bit and by Tuesday and Wednesday brought us gusty winds, warm air, and not as much rain as predicted. If you lived 8 hours or more south of me you got blasted pretty good and I hope that most people only had minor problems.

Tuesday brought my next challenge a couple of days earlier than planned but that’s okay. Doing pullups for the first time since the shoulder issue. It would be close to 5 months since the last time I was allowed to even touch the pull-up rig as the coaches and trainers made sure I stayed clear until they felt it would be good to “test” the shoulder. It felt damn good to actually do a pull-up even though I used a band for assistance and then managed to complete the workout with no pain or soreness. The slow measured steps leading up to this point had paid off and we will see how we progress. Next step will be when I have to hang from the pull-up bar to do knees to elbows or toes to bar.

The week also brought out some nasty little bodyweight workouts that, while they do not necessarily use weights, my body at 210 lbs, can do enough damage when I use it against myself. Squats, push ups, pullups, wall balls, running, situps all take their toll when you are a heavy as me, thus the need to lose 20 more pounds. My knees need to find some WD-40 soon, today they have a sound that should only be heard when your crush a paper bag. Yes, they are that bad! A bad transmission probably sounds better, which is why I need to have someone find a way to make WD-40 usable for humans in their joints, even duralube would be good. I had trouble going downstairs these last three days, luckily I was at home, and must find a way to alleviate that grinding as one day the knees will lock up and I will need assistance just to stand.

This week is not over and while I have some minor problems, it has been a great week. I almost forgot that Friday my wife and I will doing the usual volunteering for the Poppy Drive for the Legion at the Regional Hospital. This worth while cause is for remembering all the military people who have lost their lives and to raise money for the local chapter in each city culminating on November 11th, Armistice/Remembrance Day at 11am with ceremonies all over the country. While I may complain and wonder about my aches and pains, on this day in particular my pain is minor when compared to these fine people.