Today my legs feel like crap, my shoulder is having a small flare up with some minor pain and I am not sure if it is something new or old. That meant that I had to modify my workout a bit. With the running today, walking lunges yesterday, squats on Friday, more running last week it is amazing that only my shoulder has the issue. My legs are aching beyond belief and while good rest tonight will help them recover I am not sure if they will hold up for another ground and pound workout.

The twinge of pain I felt while doing overhead squats could be just a minor thing as we did weighted overhead walking lunges the day before and holding a 25 pound weight over your head while doing lunge steps is not going to make your shoulders love you especially when you throw Kettlebell Swings in the mix. I hope it does go away as the countdown to the Games has started and while I want to compete I have cannot afford to be off for 2 months of rehab like this summer.

It was a nice feeling when I was asked if I noticed an improvement in my running during todays workout as one member said I looked like I was running much better than when she noticed last time. For me, running is always a challenge as I was not that great at it. I am not someone who has a nice gait while running it is a more laboured run with moments that feel pretty good just not that many of them, maybe I should run a bit more often so that those good moments happen more frequently.

It is all of these little things, like the aches, pains and injuries that make you continue on as you know when you are finished you can do better if only you were not banged up. Your time has come down while you are not feeling that great, your running has improved even though you don’t think so, you are moving more weight and not getting winded as you did before and yet this is all done while you have aches and pain. It makes you wonder what you could do if you had no aches, but then you would not be working hard enough if you did not, what an oxymoron.

The past weekend I did some Vietnamese cooking and made an awesome fish cake using a recipe from a Vietnamese cookbook that I found. It was simple, easy to follow and turned out just the way I thought it should and tasted even better. I will post the recipe soon as it will be a tasty wheat/gluten-free recipe that is easy to follow that does not take much time and would go great with vegetable dish and a side of rice or noodles.