Last post I mentioned that it is getting closer to the serious season and I did not clarify what I meant. So here goes my take on what I mean by serious season.

The fall is when you should start taking a good look at your diet and nutrition. The seasons are changing and so will your diet if you are not careful. With the cold you may have more urges to eat more starchy carbohydrate loaded meals to keep warm. Avoiding the pitfalls of eating more will be difficult as end of year and religious celebrations have very tempting and delicious foods that can cause sluggishness. Packing on the 5-10 lbs in the winter just negated all the hard work you did in the summer to reduce it to a normal level.

Second, you will start to spend more time indoors as the weather, at least in the north, starts to drop as outdoor activity is limited. Workouts will not incorporate as much running or anything else that can be completed outside as temps drop below freezing in the coming months. Does that mean we don’t go outside? Hell no, I have done wall balls with ice on the ground and done WODS that had 5 rounds with 400M runs on a nice day(-5C/25F).

The third part of the serious season is that the training on your poor skills, mine are skipping and pullups, has to increase to improve. Along with that you have to pick up the speed on your workouts while working on your form. Just because you can lift 150 lbs does not mean you should be using the Rx’d weight of 135 lbs all the time, dropping the weight and improving your time while lifting the weight correctly will do more for you than completing the workout poorly. I found this out on our last workout that included thrusters. I dropped the weight to 60 lbs and almost did the entire 21 of a 21-15-9 workout in the first minute, could I have gone heavier, yes, but then I would have been slow and struggling with the weight at the end and having poor form. For the record it was the fastest I have ever done Thrusters and I completed the WOD in just over 18 minutes and usually that type of WOD would take me closer to 25-30 minutes. This could lead to an injury and where would that leave you if you have to stop training for while, that’s right further behind. So lose the ego and get it done correctly, you will be better off for it.

Fourth, is that strength training needs to increase so that workouts with big weights do not seem as bad (they are but sometimes you have to do a few that way). I have just started to get the weights back up almost to pre injury numbers and need to get them up at least 25% more what I have done in the past. I have started to get more comfortable with Overhead Squats plus I just got back on the pull-up bar after 4 months of not even touching it at the gym. The strength training will help with getting these to at least acceptable levels.

Fifth and last (at least for me), have a plan. You have to know what you need to work on and do your best to stick to it. Don’t get sucked in to doing a workout if you planned a skill workout day, you must have had a reason to plan it, so stick to it. The plan may include rest days, skills, strength, metcons, even research on training.

Good luck and have fun this season.