The paleo challenge at the gym ended at Friday midnight and the post challenge party was set for Saturday at a local eatery that one of our members owns. Keeping in the true spirit of the challenge he had a buffet set with food that followed the paleo diet in case anyone decided to adopt that lifestyle plus some non paleo food for the guests and members who decided not to partake in it.

The food was great and company was even better. We had a large group show up, around 40-50, and the place only had enough room for 10-15 more people. There were a few walk-ins who seemed taken aback with the crowd and decided that we were a little to loud for their liking. Too bad, they would have found out we are not that bad, we just tend to have a strange way of having fun. I think the other part is that we are an intimidating looking bunch as no one is out of shape.

After the food and some drink it was decided to head over to the gym, which is a 3 minute walk from the restaurant, and continue the party and that is when the fun began as hand stands for time and various other endeavours started happening. Apparently our one and only box owner decided to do something that I missed and as we say “tried to fly” (usually means that someone slipped off the pull-up bar and end up on their back). No broken bones were involved and probably gave everyone a scare but I am sure he continued on, but I am sure he will be feeling it at some point.

As for me and my wife, we managed to keep ourselves away from the wheat and gluten for the night and still had a wonderful time with the group. Since we do not drink that much in the first place it is not that hard to say no to a drink, food on the other hand is much more difficult and it has been easier to say no or tell someone that you cannot eat wheat or have gluten.

With winter just around the corner, we are starting to enter the serious season. In the next few months people will have to start to step it up as the Crossfit Open will be coming up very fast if you are paying attention. Those 5-6 weeks of workouts will suck the life out of you if you are not prepared physically. Amy for the first time is seriously taking a run at the Games and would like to see where she stands in comparison to others in the region. Me, I want to improve on my placing of 302nd and move into the top 200 or better. It will take everything I have to make that improvement as I lack some skills and with my injury I had I am not sure how I will get those skills for this year.

This month also marks a weight loss challenge we have going on a work. I decided to enter as I need to focus on losing some 20 pounds to be able to improve those skills I previously mentioned. My starting weight is 214 with BP hovering around 130/80 not bad but both are a bit high and need to come down some.

With the end of the month being Halloween lets hope it is not scary.