Ever thought about how you got to a place and wondered what took you so long to get there?

Since starting this Wheat/Gluten Free (w/g free) lifestyle I have noticed a difference in my overall well-being. I am not sure how to explain it, things are different, not the suddenly I can see through walls or I have developed a flat belly overnight different, but I have noticed a change in me. My walking pace seems to have picked up, I am not feeling a need to have a 3pm nap at my desk, my legs feel lighter and I seem to have more life/energy in what I do.

Lets start with the good. My weight has dropped steadily and not dramatically. I am at 214 lbs a drop of 5.5 lbs, blood pressure has come down a bit 126/73, Body Fat now at 31 a small drop, the main point of this change was to improve those numbers, to do it safely and reasonably. Second good thing, the craving for food has diminished. No longer am I wanting to have something fill my gut every few hours, just doing that alone has probably taken off 300 – 400 calories per day without any hard work, simply not eating to eat. Third good thing, it is easier to say no to food and samples if I do not know what is in it. I mentioned last post that I was at a farmers market that just opened and all the vendors had samples and were passing them out like they were at black tie event where all they serve is finger foods, if I did not know what was in it I would pass and tell them I cannot have wheat/gluten. They seemed to understand and moved on so I had no sample to tempt me. Just saying that made it so easy to pass on food. This is not as hard as it looks.

The bad part was the amending of certain recipes that I love and having to hold off on the preserves that my wife and I have made, i.e. jams, pie fillings, etc., until we figure out what we have to use them with. Lately we figured out a recipe for muffins that taste incredible and if we make a few adjustments we will have some nice bread. I think we both have an idea for making flat breads with chick pea flour and will give it try on the weekend. Stay tuned for that.

The ugly part of this is that it has not improved my running, I am a still a piss poor runner and this past week it has hurt my times in the WOD’s as we have had 2 separate run days, each having a total of 2K. Here is the kicker in this ugly part, I have bettered my previous scores in these events every time and I still think I sucked. Either I have improved beyond where I thought I would be or  my expectations have increased dramatically (I am going with that). I improved by one minute on one workout and dropped 95 seconds on another and I figured that the running had not been that great and could improve the time even more when I got better at running.

I would say that the first 18 days of being W/G free have been a success, now lets see what happens for a full month. What have I got to lose other than some more weight. The goal is still 180 lbs and by my math it will take approximately another 130 days to reach the goal of 180 and that will be sometime in February 2013. Winter in the next two months and seems like as good a time as any to start to shed the pounds.