Not much happening in the writing department the past week. This is the hardest part of deciding to write what is happening when you are trying to do anything. It is probably the same with someone who is writing about photography or poetry, you have only so much to say for a day and that’s it, then you need to regroup and hope that at some point you have a topic that someone wants to at least spend a few minutes with you.

I have had some minor successes with the diet so far and have lost weight for the two weeks that I have been on it. It is nice to have no real huge cravings for stuff and it has been easier to say no when people start dropping chips and other wheat items around your desk. Tomorrow’s weigh in should be interesting as after a weekend I never know what I will be on Monday as there is no set schedule for eating on a weekend.

A quick review of the week from a workout perspective and it is all good news. My shoulder seems to be holding up rather well as we start to increase the work load and when it does start to give that warning sign, I cut back until all is good again. The previous Friday and Saturday the City of Saint John held a “Lifestyles” exposition which revolved around health and wellness.

I was there to support our Crossfit Box and was recruited to do a fitness challenge against someone 20 years younger. The course was fairly simple as you don’t want people coming in to the expo and doing one challenge and not do any fitness ever again. The course was made up of an agility test (staggered tires, have not seen them since high school football), two 20″ high jumps, then under a 30″ high bar another jump, an agility ladder (too silly to explain), 10 burpees, 10 weighted ball squats, then back through the course and a tire flip (about a 1/4 or 1/3 the size we have at the gym). I did not win but the I was the only one person who did the challenge doing correct burpees and full squats (the guy only beat me by a couple tire flips) anyways it was fun and showed that if you stay in good shape you can surprise a lot of people.

The rest of the week was the usual stuff of crazy workouts and watching the food intake and on this weekend I went to the Farmers market in Fredericton to get some organic meat, ribs and veggies. What I found out was a former worker and friend of mine has a part-time BBQ smoker trailer business. I posted on Facebook where I was and he said to come over to a new Farmers Market as he is a vendor there. I must admit his ribs were pretty awesome and if you are in Fredericton New Brunswick on a weekend you should visit PorkysBBQ.

Well for someone who did not have much to say I sure used up enough space.