Week one is down on the new food adventure and the world has not changed for the worse. Last week while working out I did not find that I had “lost strength” or “not enough energy” as the new food regimen was implemented. There were some minor changes to what was purchased this week and that was it. Out went most items that had a container, you would not believe the amount of wheat or wheat product is in the food we eat.

As one of my friends at work says, just for shits and giggles, check out the ingredient list on the items you buy at the store. You would be surprised to find what items have a form of wheat in them. I found sausages, yoghurt, bologna, most packaged deli meats, almost anything that was in the frozen food section except for veggies, chips, canned foods, the list goes on. Most of the wheat in those items is filler. Hard to believe that in the land of plenty we need filler in our staples to feed ourselves.

Over this last week the key metrics for my records have been surprising. I will relay that when I  do my weekly weigh in tomorrow morning. I did win last weeks weight loss challenge with a drop of 1.7%, as we measure percentage of weight loss from week to week. That was a nice $20 for only 4 complete days W/G free.

As for the workouts, I did feel a bit lighter and quick of step. The pace I can do now even after being off for 2 months is almost the same before, this is good sign as I expected to not be able to match the pre injury numbers until closer to th end of the year. I was prepared for the loss of strength, as that is normal for a person of my age to see large drops in strength that are quicker than that of a person who is 20 years younger. I’m just keeping things real as they say.

Todays workout was a fine example of the small differences I have noticed. As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of 5 Clean and Jerks, 10 Pushups, 5 Front Squats and 10 Pullups, I used 70 lbs for the C&J and Front Squats and ring rows for the pull-ups. I have scheduled my return to pull-up sometime around the end of October and will not risk losing another 2 months re-injuring the shoulder by jumping into a pull-up to quickly. I am not making a living out of this so there is no reason to push the limits unnecessarily. You know you are getting closer to full recovery when the trainer asks if you want to consider doing assisted pull-ups today. I did not take the bait and I know it was the right move even though I did consider it for a short moment.

It will be back to the endurance training this week as last week was one of those weeks in which I did not get in that much endurance training. Tomorrow will be 5 x 300M rows and 5 x 400M runs (ouch!!), it should be interesting to see how things go.