When I started this adventure of getting fit I did not think it would take as much of my time as completing university. I have researched more information on diets, regiments, nutrition, recovery, injuries, techniques, etc., that I care to admit. It comes down to this, I am in better shape that I have been in a long time even with my injury time off, and do I want to continue what I am doing.

The answer is YES. I feel better and it has affected the way I work. I tend to have better focus and more confidence in what I am doing. That it radiates from me when I talk to people, the way I walk, and even my body language has changed for the good. I dress differently now that I am in better shape. SO… why change what has been working before I decided to go wheat/gluten-free. My answer is that I need to find a way to reduce the paunch I still have, yes it is smaller that over a year ago, but it is still there. I can see it when I sit, and when I do my pants up I still have the belt overhang, it may not be like before but it is still there. Enter the wheat/gluten-free journey.

I forgot to list the tale of the tape at the beginning of this journey:

Waist: 40 inches

Blood Pressure: 133/89

Heart rate resting: 55

Weight: 220

BMI: 32.7 – (obese) anything over 30 is considered obese

Water % – 44.7