Today was a beginning of a new adventure in food trials and tribulations. After reading “Wheat Belly” for the last week I decided to join my wife in the wheat free/gluten-free challenge. There are only a few changes to some of the usual foods that I know and love. For example using chick pea/garbanzo bean flour instead of wheat flour for baking and then adding some Xanthum gum to hold together some of the nut flours and it should work. My wife has a blueberry muffin idea she wants to do. If it works I will have to post the recipe.

The best part is that I am making my favourite foods, i.e. foods from India, Thailand and South East Asia. The foods from those regions use fresh foods in their cooking and look to add spices, herbs and fruits to add flavour. Once you have the basics down for a recipe you can amend and change it to what taste you like. There are no hard and fast rules in cooking for these countries so why should you follow any specific method.

The biggest reason for this change is that I have been stuck in the range of 215-220 lbs for the last 4 months. It did not help that I could not exercise for over 2 months with Achilles tendonitis and a dead arm with a wonky nerve but I only gained 10 pounds during that time which I think is a pretty good accomplishment for not being able to do anything. I am hoping that this will kick-start the weight drop. My initial goal was to get to 200 lbs but when I think about what would be good for me I feel that 180 would the number I should be at. It is reasonable to get there as I did weigh over 250lbs when I started Crossfit and then started eating better. That lead to researching new diets and understanding what fuel I put in my body for working out.

Now after close to two years of going regularly to gym I have hit a roadblock. It was disappointing at first finding out that I lost strength so quickly, but the good news is that I concentrated more on my form while I was off and it has helped with picking up some movements quicker than before. I found that I have less problems and with the added endurance training I am not a s winded during a workout.

I am also keeping a more detailed journal on what I am eating and what my key measurements are. Weight is only part of the picture, waist size, blood pressure and blood sugar are the others.

This should be an interesting few months. If all goes well I think it is reasonable to be at 180 by New Years Day.