I did not think it would last and I was right. The inexpensive food menu that my wife decided to embark on was doomed from the start. It involved prepared foods and cheap snacks and pretty much junk food. For the last year or so been trying to find ways to reduce the cost of daily living as the cost of petrol/gas has increased so has almost everything else except our wages (that is another story for another time).

I love cooking, baking and anything else that has to do with preparing food. I am not much of sugar fiend however that does not mean I don’t enjoy sweets, I just don’t eat them often. I do like making them though and for that my wife has a love/hate thing going on when I make Chocolate Mousse or an Apple Flan then eat one piece/ramekin and leave the rest.

I have cookbooks coming out the wazoo from many countries, in different languages (Thai/French/Indian/Mexican/English, etc.), different eras (middle ages/early 1800’s/modern), technical books, teaching books, magazines, diet books, if there was a book that had some great recipes I would get it. They are the only books I own while my wife has “normal” books in her library.

The reason I mention this is that, I think I said this earlier, I love to cook. My wife likes to eat my food and so do many other colleagues and friends. We have been so busy on Fridays lately baking for a new local store that we have drifted away from cooking REAL food. Now with the new wheat belly kick she is on that seems to be working for her she now is realizing that real food is the way to go. No more prepackaged food items, no more snacks, no more garbage.

I am now planning the bunch of menu’s with some curries and Thai food. This is making me a very happy camper but the selection I want to do is so large it may take a bit to narrow it down to a few recipes and I have only 24 hours to decide what to cook. I have narrowed it down to three main items: Shrimp, Pork and Chicken – now the issue is where to go to cook. Indonesia, Thailand and India have hit the list and just for refinement I will do a French recipe.

Cooking starts this weekend – I will be having a blast and will remember to take pics along the way this time.