Whoever thought up burpee squat cleans should be shot.

When I am in a paleo challenge, people at work should not be allowed to bring in Subway sandwiches, pizza or any other food that leaves a lingering smell.

How hard is it to flush a toilet?

Aston Martin Vanquish

My dentist’s chair is very comfortable

Do dental hygienists/assistants just touch your fillings with a metal probe just to see how high you can jump?

Finally someone figured out how to reduce calls to city hall – pave a road or two and get rid of the pot holes.

They hire people to tell me to move over in construction zone when there is a huge tractor parked in the lane that is blocked.

Why do electricians have to tell people the switch is not working – why do you think you were called?

does anyone know how to train a cat?

older people(+75) driving have only two speeds – OMG and WTF both can be followed with “get retested”

how hard is it to put a sewer opening at the lowest point in the road or parking lot – is that not where the water will collect

We have a sign at work on the washroom stall door that says “Please be considerate of others when using the facilities” – I still have not figured out how to be considerate when I am taking a crap.