Today was Dragon Boat Racing. The yearly Hospital Foundation charity drive to raise funds for different equipment. This year it was for Men’s Health and they exceeded their goal of $235,000 and raised $253,000. Another great year and the excess money goes to purchasing smaller things like new Blood Pressure cuffs, equipment/supplies for long-term care patients or various other things that hospitals require.

My team from Xerox named Xerox Gung Ho did not expect to do much this year, namely due to poor participation and lack of a full team for the two practices. The team Xerox entered last year did not perform well and ended up in 2nd last place. My wife and I needed a team as we were left hanging this year. Insert us into the work team and you will surely get the expectations up from lets participate to we can do better than what they did last year.

My last post was on commitment and this group does not have the same zeal for winning that my wife has. A few wish to do well but others just want to be in the boat for the day. Next year a new commitment to this race will be required as I think I can get them to focus on doing well if they want to. I don’t think anyone wants to just compete. Always doing poor breeds the same results and changing the team’s personnel all the time like this year does not help improve that performance. When you have poor performance no one wants to participate. That is why when diets, gyms and fitness regiments don’t work or fail to get the results you expect most people will stop doing them.

Next year I am going to change that for the team at work. I am going to be the lead for this Team. They will be in for a shock as I want to separate the fundraising from the race team. We can help out the fundraising team but we will not get that involved that it takes the focus off the race.

Dragon Boats take only one thing to do right, have everyone in unison and you can make the boat go fast. Once someone is out of sync you lose momentum and that is hard to get back in a short race. Practice is the key and having everyone understand that all you need is go all out for one minute. I already have a bunch of people from today wanting the defeatist attitude to move somewhere else. The group will also be expected to practice the technique of paddling and drumming, yes drumming is very important, as todays big winner won the race because their drummer helped with the momentum of the boat the other team’s drummer was only a passenger and dead weight.

Here are some pics of the race:

Teams racing at the Saint John Dragon Boat Festival

More teams racing – this is at the finish line

The winning team for 2012 – Dragon Boat East Beasts

And to paraphrase the words of Bette Davis “fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy ride”.

Till next year Dragon Boats Race.