Commitment. The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.. It is also known as a pledge or an undertaking.

Why is this one word so hard for most people. I never realized that it would that difficult. I have been married for 30 years I have made a pledge and have kept it, so why is it that committing to something like fitness or anything else it is such a tough thing to do.

No matter what place you do your fitness thing you have to make a commitment to yourself on what you wish to accomplish. If you don’t, then in less than 3 months you will not be doing it. I say that because people join the various places, yoga, Pilates, spinning, crossfit, body building or whatever for any number of reasons but they don’t have the commitment in place to finish reaching their goal. The main reason I believe is that they do not know what their goal is, how can they commit to something if they do not know what it is?

In working out you must commit to being there. Yes, there are times when family commitments override personal ones but you come back after you have fulfilled that duty. At our box I have learned to make the commitment to endure the pain and sometimes the personal humiliation of defeat to get to where I want to be. While I have stumbled along the way with injury, it has not stopped my commitment to reach my goal. In fact the injury gave me time to reflect on what I have done in that time plus time to refocus and rethink what weak points I have that needed attention. Now I have a different road that I am following but the commitment is still there. I cannot think when the last time I actually ran with a purpose without someone coaching or racing with me.

I am now making the commitment to write at least 4 days per week. They do not have to be consecutive days as long as it is 4. I must check regularly the blogs of people who visit and like my site and read at least two of their posts that I have not read before. Thank goodness I am a fast reader. I may have to retool that one if I get lots of readers but it is doable at this time.

Now I am going to ask anyone who reads this to make a commitment to post a comment – even one word.

Can you commit to that?