Today was our company’s first practice for the Annual Dragon Boat Fundraiser. While we did not have a full complement of people to fill the boat due to commitments to family (children’s soccer, basketball, baseball, ect) or baseball playoffs for the adults we did have great time. As other teams had the same issues we borrowed some people to make up the 5 people we were short tonight.

We did pretty good all things considered. To put it in perspective, last year our Crossfit box entered a team. No one knew what to do however we had fitness, strength and endurance  to supposedly make up that difference. As a first time team we did real well coming in fourth overall, with more time in the boat we probably would have been 1st or 2nd, as our times for the race were close to 55 seconds. Last year the company we work for had a poor performance with the two times from their heats being 1:06 and 1:10 as you can see they had nowhere to go but up. For this practice the team managed not to injure each other with the paddles and during a mock race with two other team managed to beat them as well. Confidence was up and I think for one of the few times the company team did pretty good.

I want to finish this post by saying that my wife loved the practice last year and would have loved to race however commitments of spots to other people prevented her from getting in the boat on race day. She was really down about that for a long time. This year she is guaranteed a seat for the race and is really pumped. While I will miss the workout at the gym for the next few days, we had beautiful weather, calm water and had fum with a lot of co-workers. Pictures on the day of racing will be posted either Saturday or Sunday night.

Just for the record we did do an hour of Dragon Boat practice plus I have an excited and pumped up wife.

Can life get any better?