What a great workout today. An 18 minute AMRAP of the simple things that can knock the crap out of you, power cleans, shoulder to overhead, box jumps and double unders. Some workouts you know will be just pure hell, but others like to sneak up on you. This usually happens when you have done 4 rounds and then realize that you have 9 more minutes to go. WTF is that!! However you just keep on trucking and you know that it does end at some point, just not when you want it to. The catch is that if you dont feel that way you have not either 1) used enough weight or 2) did not go hard enough during the workout. So no matter what, you will not like these type of workouts and if you do you are a sick puppy.

I have been very rude to my fellow bloggers in that I have visited the sites of people who have liked or followed my blog. This is my public apology to all of you and today I took the time to read most of what you have posted. I have found some interesting articles, very beautiful photos and mostly interesting people. I still need to read some more.

Thanks for hanging in and around.

Dragon boat practice tomorrow…