Are the they the first day of the week or the second? Either way, most people are not fond of them as it usually means the first day of work or workout for the week. After a weekend of finally getting to clean out the 15 ft by 30 ft shed with a loft I think I like Mondays this week. There is a purpose to this related to crossfit, 1) I want to change the shed into a home gym 2) I need to get more organized 3) I need some space to work to finish the kitchen reno that has been delayed due to my recent injury and finally 4) the weather was lousy and I really had to do something instead of sitting around.

My clean up workout consisted of deadlifts, farmers carries, push presses, stair climbing, power cleans, and lots of vacuuming. The one thing I have noticed since joining crossfit 2 years ago is that a lot of the movements from lifts to gymnastics can be related to everyday life. When I was doing the floors I noticed myself getting up via a burpee, picking things up was a power clean, putting heavy things down I used a front squat and various others. The best part was that I did not injure myself as I instinctively knew through repetition how to lift and keep core muscles tight, back straight and use the big muscles of the quads/glutes to lift heavier objects.

If nothing else comes from joining a crossfit box for the average person then learning proper technique for lifting may save many people trips to the chiropractor, doctor and physiotherapist. I know the feeling it gave me when my neighbour asked for some help with their project. He needed someone to help him lift an 8 in x 8 in x 25 foot beam in place 7 feet up so he could get the next phase started and I took my end and in two quick moves had the sucker in place as he tried to manage his end of the beam. I did a smile to myself and then went to help place his end on the ledger board. He is 5 years younger than me.

This is one of the reasons why I will continue to go to my gym and why I am making sure I do not do anything stupid again, even though no one could find a reason for the shoulder to shut down like it did.

Next up for the week… dragon boat practice and racing this week.