The title of this posting suggests that I am capable of completing long distances while I am in a world that only a true runner understands and no one else.

That is nowhere near the truth. If I have to push myself to where my legs would turn to jello along with my brain I may be able to complete 5 kms. Mind you, I would not be able to communicate after that and I would probably be located in the ICU with tubes running into my body like a scene from a warped David Cronenberg movie due to dehydration, morphine to help ease the pain and O2 being siphoned in to my collapsed lungs.

My self-torture to increase my endurance, not pain endurance, is to run and row short distances many times to improve that part of myself that is in desperate need of improvement. Training in a gym with fellow Crossfitters can motivate a new person to do extraordinary effort, but when you are doing your own thing, you have to find a way to motivate or convince yourself to keep going.

The last two weeks have been great. Twice a week I am putting in 10 x 200M rows, runs in combinations and by themselves, and I think it is paying some dividends already. During AMRAP’s I am not as gassed early, time to row 200M has dropped and running has improved. The next step is to increase the distance 50M every two weeks while still keeping up the strength and other movement skills.

We will see what the next steps bring…