After 3 days of returning to the gym after only 2 months out is rough. When I first started going to Crossfit I knew I was out of shape and that everything I did would be a challenge and an accomplishment. It was a success. I went 3, then 4, and finally 5 times a week. I dropped 40 pounds and felt better than I have in a long time.

After having an injury that put me out for 2 months and then starting back, it is harder than I thought.

Reason 1) I now know what I was previously capable of, lifting, running, squatting, just about anything else at the gym.

Reason 2) I am being watched and reminded constantly by my wife and the trainers to “not do anything stupid”

Reason 3) I had poor stamina before and now it feels like I have none

Reason 4) confidence has been scarred – where when I started I did not have any pre-conceived notions of what I could do everything I did was a milestone. I was able to clean and jerk 150 lbs before injury, now I am cautious on lifting 50 lbs.

I know everything will be alright in the end however it does feel like a backwards step at time.

There are positives in all this:

1) technique will get a good working over

2) I am able to work on weak points that do not affect shoulder – mostly endurance and core

3) I am back at the gym

4) I have full use of arm with no lingering nerve damage

5) I will not 2013 Crossfit Games Open workouts

Last thing – my legs have been taking a beating and feel just as bad as when I first started in November 2010.

Stairs are not my friend!!