The Crossfit Games and Atlantic Hopper 2012 have come and gone. Sadly I did not participate in either, though the Games would be a little far-fetched at this time and could not enter the Hopper due to injury.

I was looking forward to this years event but a strange injury to my shoulder prevented that happening. Idiopathic Brachial Neuritis was the issue, simply stated the Brachial nerve shut down any electrical signal to my arm rendering the limb useless. Without going into detail, my neurologist provided a course of action and voila! two months later I can type and head back to the gym. It should be interesting for the next little while as I slowly try to regain strength. The last month has seen progress from slight movement to being able to lift arm overhead.

Today was my first day back at the gym and it was about time!! A nice simple WOD of 400M, 20 burpees, 50 russian Kettlebell Swings(only 20 lbs today), 50 air squats (mixed with a 14 lb med ball), 20 burpees and finally 400M. Did I come back to soon? NO! In reality this was a perfect way to start, no heavy weights, lots of bodyweight movements and cardio. Surprisingly the legs were the ones feeling this and the arm is doing well 5 hours after we finished. Tomorrow will be more of an endurance type workout as I sucked at that before I was out and today was no exception.

Patience is the key and this time a smarter program to conditioning will prevent this from a repeat performance.