One of the items that I needed to work on before I was sidelined was endurance. A long time ago(in a galaxy far, far away) I had no problem playing a game of hockey for 60 minutes, then have some food and do it all over again. Now, I am lucky if I can do a couple of kms and still be breathing. What happened??

If I am honest with myself I know exactly where it went. Too much food, work taking too much of my time, lack of exercise, next thing I know I have gone from 158 to 255 lbs, high blood pressure and medication.

So, I ask myself in a David Byrne Talking Heads voice,”well how did I get here, this is not my beautiful house”. No it isn’t and I have paid dearly for it. My body has taken the toll I have placed on it and is punishing me for lack of effort. If you are not going to pay the maintenance fees to keep it up it will be an empty shell. I have now a lot of renovations to do and building the foundation is where to start.

Today was the start of endurance training along with the regular workouts. No more 5 times a week workouts. I have got to be more pragmatic in the approach to get where I want to be. 3 days of workouts and 2 days of endurance. I know I can lift weights once everything gets back to normal but being able to sustain that for a period of 30 minutes and I was bagged, gassed, sucking wind, whatever you want to call it – I had nothing in the tank!!

I started with 10 sprints of a 200M row with 90 seconds of rest in between. The goal, which right now is vague, is to be able to crank these off in 30 seconds or less and today the best time was around 42 seconds and the slowest at end was 52 seconds. I have a six-week program to follow and we will see what happens.