Long time, no post. With that I decided to do some reflecting on what the past 12 -18 months have done for me.

Since February 22nd I have been focusing on the Crossfit Games. I knew that I would not be in the anywhere near the top but I had to see where I stood and what had to change in order for me to reach the ultimate goal. That was accomplished in a big and humiliating way with my 304th place finish. Some events I did okay and some I just could not complete. That’s life. Time to make note and improve. At least I finished and I am happy with that.

On completion of the my participation in the 2012 Games, I looked back at where I was one year ago. The person I was one year ago would not have finished, was 25 pounds heavier and did not have the skills to do some of the workouts. This makes me know that I am on the right course. I am much better than I was one year ago but the competition is too, need to step it up even more.

Another reflection – I am more conscious of my eating habits and food choices since embarking on the road to better health so much so that I will be looking to get certified as a sport nutritionist. This is another win for me and my family as the family will benefit since I am the head chef and grocery shopper in the household. They just don’t and won’t realize it.

I have come to the conclusion that nothing is handed to you and it will involve pain if you have not done any sort of fitness regimen for over 10 years. It would probably be less time but that is how long I did not do exercise. I feel less pain and generally have not been as ill as long as some people have these past two winters. I think it is because I am doing exercise and bugs(cold/flu) like weak systems and exercise does not make you weak.

When I now think back on the last year, I have done pretty good and will only do better against myself as that is the only thing I can control and measure against. It will be tougher next year as more people compete in the Crossfit Games and that will only make me better.