Today was a stressful day in every way, from the time I got up till approximately an hour after I got home. Lets start with the good start. My wife and I did our 75 squats that we are doing for the month and even though my time was not great, Crossfitters always do things for time, I did them. Mornings are not my friend for exercise.

Then I looked out side, snow was coming down and the road I live on in the country was not plowed, oh this will be fun to get in to work, then the gas station pumps had a malfunction and pumped fuel at a rate of about a liter every 2 minutes. It took so long I had to brush the snow off the car when I finished.

At work, it was nothing but customer issues. To make matters worse one of the errors was my own fault and the snow just kept on coming down, not looking forward to driving home as it will be crappy all the way. Decided to miss a workout so that I can get back before the light really fades, that sucks, but I can get some mobility work in at home – it is starting to look up.

Nope .. my mailbox at the end of the driveway was wiped out by the snow plow and was ten feet down the road in the ditch. Now there is no way for me to receive mail for a few days until I fix it. Good thing I only get bills. Things are starting to look up.

Is this an omen, I think not. I made a decision to register for the Crossfit Games earlier and see where I end up for my first time. Depending on the amount of Masters competitors I feel I should do pretty good even though I lack some of the skills of others.

I still need a benchmark and this will be it.