The last two Mondays have been a real wake up call to where I need to be in regards to qualifying for the Crossfit Games. There are some movements that I have not yet mastered and I realize that, but today’s was the wake up. The workout we did was last years second workout of the Open. It is listed below:

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes – one round consists of the following 9 Deadlifts @ 145lbs, 12 hand release push ups, 15 box jumps @20 inches  = 36 reps for each round.

I completed 6 rounds + 21 reps for a total of 237 reps. The top 20 get to go to the Crossfit Games and the worst performance by someone who made it to the  Games had 310 reps meaning that I am 77 reps short which is just a little over 2 complete rounds. My score would have placed me 105th for that workout. As with all things there is good news in all of this and that is you need to complete the six weeks of qualifying to be selected and after looking at the scores for the age group, if I can at least complete something in any of the workouts that I know I can do I should be able to make the top 50. I think that would be a great accomplishment in my first shot at the Games. So while I am disappointed in todays performance I feel pretty good at where I am.

Must… stay… positive…