I knew Mike, the box co-owner, would start to up the intensity level now that Open competition for the CF Games 2012 are just over 6 weeks away. And with a blast from the past we did Workout 11.1  from 2011 today, in other words, last years first workout.

I did not compete last year and have no benchmark to see what I did, I do know that I would have died if I competed last year. It would have been less than 4 months since I joined, only went 2-3 times a week (no point killing one self at the beginning) and I was just beginning to understand some of the lifts and bodyweight exercises.

I completed 3 rounds +10 reps for this and I only did single unders (we use a 3 to 1 margin to double unders). All in all not bad. I was most happy with the warmup as I managed to get 2 double unders 3 times, a little bit more practice and I will be able to do them more consistently. I should have looked up what the masters division did last year as I qualify for the 55-60 age group, oh well what I don’t know won’t kill me.

On a side note I did find a site that from what I read and seen is pretty good for Paleo food diets and planning. If you are interested just follow this link – http://www.paleoplan.com/ and enjoy.