Here it is the first post of 2012. I was going to write something silly about New Years celebrating and all that, but after going to our new larger, spacious gym location I found out that the Crossfit Games 2012 are starting earlier than last year. It is now time for me to figure out where I stand and what needs to be improved.

I know I have a long road, as I have some definite weaknesses that will put a wrench in my spokes, however I have improved on some and will work that much harder on some of the simpler things (almost made me laugh out loud as nothing is simple) that I should be able to do and have not mastered, i.e., double unders, unassisted pull-ups, overhead squats (hell, just squats).

On the upside our new location is looking great and it will be a treat not doing wall balls standing in the street with temperatures around -10C (not that you noticed the temp with your legs burning). I do know that some of the people will enjoy the high ceilings when doing muscle ups so they will not have to bend their head forward to accommodate the low ceiling and when finished we will even have some lanes to do wind sprints. AWESOME!!

I hope that your 2012 New Year will be as good as my 2011, which was unbelievable. Last year at this time my wife was in the hospital with a revision being done on her hip, I was at 250 pounds, taking medication for high blood pressure and was hurting like hell from just 6 weeks at Crossfit Saint John by the end of 2011, my wife is walking without assistance and working out at the gym with me, I have lost 50 lbs, don’t take medication for high blood pressure, have travelled with my wife to Paris and to Thailand and am still sore from working out (but I love it).

Happy New Year.