Yes, it has been a bit since the last post, about 7-10 days, however I have a valid reason, I am injured. Nothing life threatening just a small slice on the right ring finger. As the title of this post says, injuries are a bitch but they are worse when they are stupid ones. No, I did not do this at the gym but where most accidents happen, the kitchen.

I was not paying attention to what I was doing plus I did not take proper precautions, when using the mandolin to slice potatoes for Au Gratin Potatoes. Good news, no potatoes were harmed and the gratin came out wonderfully. The bad news was that I could not type for a few days and workouts were a bit of a challenge, since we do a lot of olympic style lifting and hands are important for holding the bar. Luckily for me most of the workouts involved movements that did not require a lot of grip strength.

This tells me one thing, I need another vacation. I have started to enquire at work how the sabbatical program works and what I will be required to pay every week to take a year off. This would provide me with the ability to travel and get paid as usual. Maybe more people should check into what their employers have in place for a sabbatical.

As for the workouts I have started on a slightly different approach. I am cutting back the weights so that I can work on form more. This will help develop better technique for the future. If I am going to get to the Crossfit Games I will have to meet the standards that they have for how a movement is to be completed and counted. No point doing things twice as some things are bad just doing it once.

That is the update for today. Tomorrow I will be trying to beat my personal record of one double under in skipping rope so I think my Tourette’s will be acting again. Now that will be interesting…