This is the second week back from vacation and it is now time to refocus on what I intended to accomplish, namely qualify for the Crossfit Games. Realistically, unless something drastically changes, that won’t happen for 2012. It wont be for lack of trying, I have made great strides since I joined the Crossfit Gym in Saint John and the community that it inspires.

Let’s recap where I was literally just over one year ago.

Start Date: November 16th, 2010

Starting Weight: 255lbs – BP: 135/105 while on medication – waist: 46in – cholesterol: good/acceptable

Strength was not that great, had trouble with a lift of 60lbs, mobility was pitiful as I could barely go down in a squat position and even than the range of motion was only around 30%-40%. Push ups – barely managed 2 without doing them from my knees. Situps were even worse as I required to use help to get 10 basic situps completed. Pullups required the assistance of  a #6(#4+#2) resistance bands to do 10 and even that was difficult and don’t get me started with running as I was close to 3 minutes for 400M Run

While I do not have any photos of me (too embarrassed) before I started I do have one that was taken at Trudeau Airport in Montreal on Dec 2, 2010.


Me at 255lbs









Where I am today.

Today; December 5th, 2011

Weight: 206 – BP: 110/78 no medication – waist 39in – cholesterol: great – even lower than before

Strength: Deadlift 300lbs – Back Squat 180lbs – Front Squat 140lbs – Strict Press 120lbs – Jerk 140lbs – Pullups using #3 resistance band (this is a bane of my existence) – Situps: now doing GHD situps and have done 48 unbroken in a minute – push ups: 38 in a minute (my own personal best) – 400M Run is 1:48 and that was done today – Squatting is now second nature and with weight and it is a full squat (hips below crease).

Thailand Nov 2011





What I trying to say is, that while it is a great goal to focus on, the Crossfit Games, I have managed to be a winner with me getting in shape, keeping the weight off, improving my stamina, strength and mobility. Now I have to get back to the grind of building technique, working on weak points and form, then developing speed during the workouts that are short, fast and furious.

During this last year I have rethought my goals to bring them more in line with my abilities at that time. I do want to go to the Crossfit Games in California, however I know what my current abilities are at this time. I won’t make the cut at this time. That being said I am still ahead as I have better health, got off the high BP medication and will have to get my pants over to the tailor so that they can bring in waist.

Now is the time to refocus, reload, and not let complacency settle in just because I have seen success. It is not where I want to be and the goal was to reach the Games.

Tomorrow is another day and I will be ready.