Still feeling the after vacation blues after a week, though not as bad as the first day back. The workouts at the gym have a way of making you feel better even though your body is asking for forgiveness. I think that may the be the only thing that makes coming back to the cold worthwhile, other than the cats of course. This week has been rather bleak weather wise with not much sun and lots of cloud cover. In response to this I am looking at the vacation pictures of the great sunsets and sunny days that happened every day.

Karon Sunset - Phuket Thailand

These sunsets happened every night except for one where we had one of those monsoon rains that drop enough water to have four or five inches of water on the ground.







At work we are now having the usual fundraising and donations that happen every year at this time and is it just me or does it seem to start earlier every year. Man, do I need a vacation…

Crashing surf - a restful sound










The other thing that I miss from any warm climate vacation is the colour that is so abundant in many tropical locations. I knew I was home as soon as I saw the drab greens, browns and black that the people wear in the northern climes. Even the basic beach umbrella is more colourful. This abundance of colour, from the flora and fauna to the clothes and even the food, lift the spirtit and make you feel better. If you dont think so, try a small experiment at work or with your friends. Wear something that is a bright colour, dont be outlandish, and see how people react. I bet they will smile and lets face it, it sort of gives you more energy and makes you feel happy.

Colourful Umbrellas










In another week or so I will have to get back into the workouts big time. I noticed during this last workout that I had some issues with weight that should not provide me too much trouble. That means I need to refocus on doing the Wendler Strength workout twice a week. Additionally we are having a 100 burpee per day challenge until the 25th of December and I have not signed up however I should make an effort to get some in to make room for the turkey that will be consumed that day.