One of the reasons that we decided to go to Phuket, actually it was just me, was that I wanted to go to a sun destination. The decision for this was made after having an enjoyable trip to Paris in April, however the weather when we arrived back home in New Brunswick Canada was not that great. We had 15C to 21C temperatures  in Paris and came back to temperatures hovering around 5C to 8C. My wife explained that she was not to keen on going to the Caribbean as we lived there for 4 years and it would be the same old, same old and it would be the same if we went to Florida, Las Vegas or any other U.S. southern destination.

After a few seconds of thought I said, “Let’s go to Thailand at the end of the year. We like the food, I heard that the beaches are great and we have not been there.” and at that point the decision was made. Little did I know I made a fantastic decision. The summer sucked big time in New Brunswick and the trip was even better, and it cheered both of us up leaving the dreary weather conditions at home.

The first thing we both did on arriving was take a quick shower and head to the beach as it was only 10am when we checked in to the room. It was a great decision even after 35 hours of flying and waiting. The reviews of the hotel location said that it was only a 5 minute walk to the beach and they were correct. We changed and went to where the sound of the waves were coming from, and lo and behold, a beach that went on for miles.

Karon Beach looking towards the south








Karon Beach looking towards the North





All the beaches were different as I think I mentioned it previously in another postiing. Karon Beach had big breakers and Kata Beach was more of a family beach with surf that did not want to beat you silly. Some of the outer islands had white sandy beaches, others had golden sand, and at all of the beaches the sand made a squeaking noise when you walked on the sand.



Below are some pics from the beach, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when walking along them.

A View of Karon Beach from the @Beach Restaurant









Rows of chairs and umbrellas









Fun on the beach - some is going Parasailing

Soaking up the Vitamin D