The vacation is over, literally. The big welcome back to remind us that we weren’t in Thailand any longer was the foot of snow on the ground in Saint John from a large storm front that came up the eastern seaboard like a child on a temper tantrum after it has been told that they cannot do that because it is not officially winter until Dec 20/21. Mother Nature needs to get her kids in line, why are we getting walloped and not the little snot of a storm front. I mean, I do my part for the environment so should I not get some consideration for my effort. Come on Nature get with the program.

I am suffering from the apres vacation hangover. It is similar to the drink hangover, you feel like shit the next day as you realize that you should not have stopped drinking to avoid the hangover or you should not have done so much. To make matters worse, instead of just chilling for the fours days I had before work, I decide to go in to the gym to do a workout. I swear I had a hat on to keep the sun from baking my brain like a pizza.

confirmation that I had a hat










The workout nearly killed me and it was a team event. Holy Crap, my body felt horrible, and the funny thing is our team had the best time for the workout for the whole day. During the workout when it was getting a bit rough on me, I kept thinking “why did I come back?” Then I heard this god awful noise and realized it was me breathing (not dead yet).  I need to get back to the beach where my only worry was making sure I did not step on the little beach crabs that run around on the beach.

My original goal with this blog was to track my progress towards qualifying for the Crossfit Games in 2012. At this point I am not even close to having some skillsets that I need to make this happen. That is not a problem, as I am a whole lot closer than when I started on this quest. It is the ultimate goal, but that does not mean I cannot have fun along the way. I mean I will be 55 in 2012 and I have placed myself in the best shape I have been in such a long time that I might as well forget what I did in the distant past.

This is now and I look forward to the future, dont dwell on the past as that I cannot change.

I have found that writing on different subjects makes me happy. I get to voice my opinion on what I think and no one can tell me otherwise. So expect a different take on things in the future on this blog, yes, I will post some things in regards to my progress, but realistically I wont be ready for the Games until 2013.

The last few days I have been slowly getting back to daily life around the workplace. It is a germ infested cesspool from people who send their children to daycare where all manner of germs mingle and become a super strain and then the parents bring that crap to work with them. Man, I need to go to HR as complain that they are in my scent zone whenever they decide they need my limited expertise.

Eventually I will become another Winston (Orwell 1984) and looks for ways to avoid Big Brother. December is another month and one can only hope for a sunny day.