I think I have gotten over the depression that sets in after coming back from a great vacation and knowing that eventually you will be sitting back in that cubicle at work wondering how to escape for the next one. Unfortunately that wont happen for at least a another year. North American work values are more Orwellian in nature. Big Brother wants you to work even while you are on vacation. It’s like the world will end if you don’t show up for work for more than 2-3 days. Maybe they need to take a vacation, in Europe, some countries have laws that say you must have 6 weeks PAID vacation minimum.

What are we missing here? Why can’t we have a global company wide vacation policy. My company is a global company that sponsors a FIA World Championship Motorcycle Team, and has employees in more countries than I care to think about. So why could we not have a standard vacation based on, if the minimum vacation is 6 weeks in some countries then why cannot I have 6 weeks. Do they not do the same thing I do?

Any way I am getting off topic. I was thinking about Thailand – the land of smiles and they are not kidding, even the Airport says it is the Airport of Smiles. The Thai people are some of the friendliest people I have met, always willing to answer questions, apologize if they cannot help you, and always with a smile. It is like I was in a Star Trek scene where Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty had to find out who Landrew was as everyone smiled and continued on.

Well, enough of that. Here are some more pictures that should make you smile or want to kill me if you are experiencing anything less than 25C temperatures.

Surf at Karon Beach


The surf rolling in on our first visit to the beach. It was such a nice site to see and the temperature (big sigh) never changed daytime 32C  – nighttime it was 25C and about once a week it would rain somewhere in Phuket and if you were lucky it was not where you were.





Me getting toasted by an 8 foot swell


Here I am about to be crushed by an 8 foot swell that just broke in front of me. You learn real fast to dive into them. I got caught with one that just about knocked the wind out of me. Felt like someone just decided to punch me in the stomach. Today would have been a great day for bodyboarding if I knew how to do it.




Fresh Daily Seafood - Prawn as big as Lobster

You just got to love going to eat fresh seafood every day cooked Thai Style. Yes, eat off the Thai menu as it is less expensive than American/European Style. Don’t ask me why, as it’s the same food, you just pay more.

Don’t you just love the size of those shrimp/prawn – same size as a lobster tail for less.





Long Tailed Boats at Kata Beach

These are the famous long-tailed boats. They were at Kata Beach which is the next beach over from Karon Beach. They are here as the surf is more gentle which was great for MP as Karon Beach would have taken her hips apart with their action.

These boats are here to take tourists away for 3-5 hours on tours around the Island of Phuket and there are many locations to visit and all are distinctive and unique.




The Elephant Man or Mahout

This is the Mahout or the elephant handler. As you can see – they smile and who wouldn’t if your work involved riding elephants all day. This was the start of the elephant trek through the forest we took. It is roughly around 3000 feet up the side of the mountain in a rubber plantation. We had some spectacular views looking out to Phuket Harbour (see below) and saw a neat tree spider. I believe his name was Tuuk and the elephant was around 30 years old, just hitting mid-life as they do live up to 50 years.




View to Phuket Harbour from atop an elephant

The view to Phuket Harbour. Trying to take pictures from the back of a moving elephant is quite the challenge as they have quite to sway. Now I know why the Mahoot sits where he does, he has less movement sitting behind the neck.






Tree Spider

The neat tree spider. I have no idea how bad the venom would be as all spiders have some sort of venom but like most people I was not going to let it get on me and provide a sample.

It was probably just as scared of us on an elephant as it skittered away down the tree pretty fast.





A Sunset in Thailand

This is the final pic of the day and I thought it would be fitting to have a Sunset. This vista happened on a regular basis and I don’t think I could get tired of it.

Tomorrow will be a beach day.