After yesterday’s all day adventure on the Andaman Sea, traveling to 4 different islands around Phuket, MP and myself are completely bagged. The weather was great even though there was a lot of moisture in the air. Somewhere in Thailand someone was getting dumped on but it was not us. During the trip to Krabi we stopped at this one location and there was someone doing a TV Travel Show with the whole crew looking after this one person, the host. They had a remote control airborne camera that hovered and did its overhead shots of the location, it was quite cool, maybe I will be discovered as I am was walking up the beach when they were doing one shot. The island also had a monkey that was going through some beach bags that people left too close to where he could have easy and quick access. I thought we were going to have a nasty incident as one person came racing back to their bag, the monkey was not a happy camper and was baring his teeth and screaming at the person. Past experiences in India says you should not do that, they are very unpredictable, have nasty bites and generally are more agile than humans. The woman would have been missing a lot of hair after it got through with her.

Food during the trip was great. We stopped at Railay Island which is a resort that you can only get to by water taxi. They served us a great buffet under trees with the jutting peaks of the island in the background. The only let down was that the snorkelling was just okay, the coral have taken a beating from the tsunami of 2004 and it has not had the time to recover. Yes, I saw the usual fish of Sargent Majors, Large Angel fish, some Parrot fish, Red Snappers and only one large Clown Fish (Nemo) and there should have been more species. I guess I would have to go on a dive trip to see more varieties, I will leave that til next time.

For now, we are content to sit at the pool and watch the birds, as going to beach and the walking around in sand would bother MP too much as her legs are tired and her hips are a bit tender.

We have only tomorrow in Phuket and then one day in Bangkok before leaving to come home and start the regimen of working out and going to work (so sad).