Took a bit of a break to enjoy the wonderful weather and take a trip to the Province of Krabi in Thailand. The elephant safari was great as we did a number of things on the tour including riding a cart pulled by a water buffalo in a rice paddy, then did some rice crushing, different things with coconuts and finally riding an elephant through some jungle around 3000 feet up a mountain. What can I say the Thai people certainly know how to entertain and they are all so polite.

I bought a large mortar and pestle that I have been trying to find for a long time to no avail, guess I had to travel half way across the planet to find something that will do the work I want to put it through. The nice thing about it was that after purchasing the item, which weighed about 5-7 pounds the workers carried it for the rest of the tour until we got back to go for the sunset dinner cruise. The weather was perfect, again, and sunset was another great one. I Know I am effusing about the weather but when it never changes by more than 2 or 3 degrees, it certainly marks a drastic change from the weather back home which can change in five minutes from rain to wind to sun, plus 10 to -3 or whatever, you get the picture.

There is only one thing that I can say about the trip to Krabi, wait for me to come back to post pictures. The scenery is just like the movies show it. I will not be recognizable at work or the gym as I will be 10 shades darker than when I left. I will also now be held accountable to make Pad Thai for the crew at the gym. I know there will be a few things that I will make that will bring sheer joy to a few people. If you like coconut cream or milk I have some new things to whip up.