Today was a relaxing day as I got mixed up on when we are supposed to go on the Elephant Safari and we spent the day at the beach. Phuket Island has the most amazing beaches, all so different and all so easy to get to. It seems as though each beach is only a few kilometers from each other and all are so different in personality. Karon Beach is great for the breakers, while Kata Beach has a more gentle surf that is great for small children and families. Kata Noi is a smaller beach that has better sunsets and I have not ventured to Patong Beach yet, but I am sure it will be different in nature than the others as it was the one hit by the Tsunami on December 26th 2004. What I have not mentioned is that all these beaches are huge in length and width, Kata Noi which is the smallest of the beaches is probably 2 kms or more in length and around 50m wide, it took around 45 minutes to walk less than a third the length of Karon Beach and it is almost 100 meters wide in some places and Patong I am told is even longer.  

Started off walking Karon Beach to go to Kata Beach as usual and watched the breakers come in for a bit then headed over to Kata for some sun time. This beach is more crowded due to small breakers that come in and the shelf is shallower so you can wade out for quite a distance. Phuket is a not your usual North American destination and the language you will hear the most is Russian, Australian or some Scandinavian dialect. The Russians are the most entertaining as the women love to pose for pictures when one of the people they are with picks up a camera, it does not matter what shape they are in, their age, or their size they all seem to think they are some supermodel out for a magazine shoot. Here is something that most North American women should find interesting, they are not afraid to wear a bikini no matter what size they are. If you have seen the movie Norbert (Eddie Murphy) and think it is the stuff that only happens in movies, forget it, Eddie must have vacationed here to get the idea. I saw some that could have been in the movie as stand ins. Oh well who am I to say anything, as I am not in the best of shape either.

I must say that tanning is tough work as it is tough watching all these people all day. MP and myself were already tanned before we got here and still managed to get mildly burned and then seeing some people looking like they are cooked shrimp or boiled lobsters almost makes me want to give them my after tanning lotion. I hope they had a lot to drink at night as they will be feeling it in the morning.

Tomorrow for sure we will be doing the elelphant safari and that should make for an interesting post.