After a lovely day of sitting by the pool, MP decided we should have a Thai Massage. Sounds good to me and then the fun began. MP went first and I waited for my turn, after an hour she emerged looking a little banged up but I figured that was due to the fact that she was a bit sore before. Little did I know the “treat” I was in for, I should have seen in it coming as Lilly had forearms and hands that could probably break coconuts.

After undressing and getting on the table, in comes Lilly. She started with working my back pretty good and then I don’t know what happened next as it felt like someone let loose an Orangutan in the room. She jumped up on the table sitting astride me and basically twisted, bashed and pulled anything that was loose. My mind went WTF as Lilly then dug her hands into parts of me that I did not think were a problem. I did not think I signed up for the MMA lessons as more parts were pounded into submission and I almost broke into laughter when she started on my calfs. Greg, one of our trainers, who has some calf issues would have died and this made me forget the pain I was in. Lilly jumped up and down from the table as if she was some female Tarzan, her finishing move was the camel clutch as I remember from WWE, I think I tapped out at that point and she says, All finished.

A nice round of ginger tea and we were done. Her parting shot was that the marble in my shoulder was not out and I think that pissed her off. shewanted another go at in two more days. I dont think I am ready for that but we shall see…