Sunday was a terrific second day in Karon Beach, Phuket. After the beach we decided to walk back a different way and see what it looked like. Not much different as there is a multitude of restaurants, clothing places, massage parlours and pharmacies. We stopped in one place and the gentleman was very nice, not pushy or overly aggressive in his approach. After chatting for a good 20-30 minutes MP decided I needed some shirts and promptly picked out a nice pattern with dragons on it, then I asked what the cost would be and the haggling started for which I am accustomed to with East Indian tailors, eventually we came to a mutual agreement for three fitted tailor-made shirts for 3000 Baht (less than $100 CDN). Being familiar with how things work in the sub-continent and Asia I asked if he could send things overseas to which another discussion took place, bottom line is yes as long as he has my measurements on file he can do it. He was just finishing an order for a German for the same thing and the German ordered 8 trousers, 11 shirts, one heavy winter overcoat, 6 suits and some ties all for 77000 Baht ($2000 CDN) including shipping and if you pick it up at his shop the cost would be 55000 Baht. I think I may be coming back in a year or two.

All this took around 2 hours and I was getting hungry again. We decided that we would eat just down the road from our hotel at the sister hotel. It was a good thing we did that, we were just ordering some dessert when the street went into some frantic scurrying. MP commented on this and I said rain is coming in 20 minutes as I could smell the ozone. It was great watching the locals get things ready while the tourists just went about the normal perusing of vendors and then it came. A few lightning flashes as a warning shot across the bow and then a few drops, more lightning and now thunder deciding that it should give a greater warning so you would pay attention and then the deluge. It was perfect timing as we just finished our desserts, ordered some coffee and watched the people scatter for cover. If you have never been in a monsoon rain it is quite the deluge, as literally a small lake will drop from the sky in a matter of minutes, walkways and roads are 4-5 inches deep in water and raindrops can injure as they hit your body like small pebbles and feel the same way.  

It was decided over this deluge what things we would be doing or attempting in the next week. I will be taking a Thai cooking course in Phuket as well as one in a local small village during our elephant safari on Wednesday. MP is just enjoying herself as she is able to move without pain and go swimming in the ocean.

See you tomorrow…