We reached our destination in pretty good shape all things considered. The hotel is clean, the staff friendly, and we are not far from the beach (3 minutes walk). It was a good thing we pre-booked the taxi from the airport as we were inundated with the usual Taxi, Taxi hawkers until we saw my name with on the board that the driver was holding.

The drive to the hotel was a treat for anyone who knows the roads in Saint John, not a single pothole and smooth as baby bottom, If only they could make roads like that back home I might have enough money saved from not going to the repair shop to come back to Phuket.

As soon as we landed in Bangkok I knew I was overdressed and all I had on was a golf shirt with T-shirt underneath, long slacks, socks and shoes. The weather has been perfect with temps hovering around 32C – 35C and only small amounts of cloud. I will be a very different colour when I return.

We have been to two beaches so far, Karon Beach and Kata Beach and even though they are only separated by a point they are completely different in nature. Karon Beach in great for the surf with 6 foot breakers constantly coming in, one hit me and I felt like someone just punched me in the stomach. I will be doing some bodyboarding on this one. Kata Beach does not have the breakers and is one that you can walk out and just swim. I think I will do some parasailing at some point. I was also able to do some bench presses on the beach with some make shift bar bell. Maybe I can do some thrusters, squats and runs on the beach in the next few days.