The vacation has started and both of us have not slept since Wednesday morning. Yes, we are that pumped!! I believe we will crash when we start flying to Tokyo some where over the Rockies. On a 14 hour flight that won’t be so bad.

Since joining Crossfit Saint John just this small jump from Saint John to Toronto has made a big difference in comfort for the both of us. We are both a lot slimmer making the seats more bearable, we do not have the discomfort of aching muscles, can carry our luggage, my wife thinks that is good as we bring back stuff from the trip, some how I don’t think she will be helping me much, and can recover more quickly from these stop, wait and go long trips. 

I do know one thing is going to happen on all future long trips, and that is we will be booking the executive lounges every time. This makes traveling a lot more relaxing as you are not sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs, having overpriced food and drinks and all the time having to make sure you have a seat while hoards of people race to get to flights and practically run you over.

On the point of our workouts, I will miss a nice one tonight as I would like to see my progress since the last time I did “Kelly” which was in 41:10 – I know, not that impressive and that is why I would have loved to see what my time would have been.

Until Tokyo and as one of our trainers, Jon, likes to say – stretch your groins