Here’s a dilemma. What do you do with two days left before vacation and you have everything packed, house and pet sitters arranged, car being picked up at airport, dropped back when we arrive and house cleaned?

Well you do it all over again, leaving the laundry to be done at the last-minute, as heaven forbid that you have any clothes left in the hamper for the two weeks you are gone. Lunches and dinners for these last days leading up to the day consist of leftovers (almost done) eggs, greek yoghurt, 2 pieces of apple flan each with creme fraiche, some baked apples (maybe a serving and a half) 2 english muffins being saved for the pre flight meal of Eggs Benedict, one glass of apple cider, tea, coconut milk, three or four servings of roasted veggies and some red cabbage. We do have some frozen homemade vegetable soup that is for lunch, however everything else in the fridge will be gone.

The difference between my wife and myself is that she came from a military background. Every conceivable thing is thought out and double checked, accounted for, verified and if she had her way I would have forms filled in triplicate. Me, I made sure that the car is cleaned, has enough gas for work and the extra days for when we leave and come back, checked the electrical, water pump for the well, heaters are working and made sure all the apps needed for communicating with banks, Facebook and of course our blogs are all in working order and loaded to whatever device they are required to be on.

I think I will like finally leaving, as I will not have to check to make sure that some goblin has not moved anything out of the luggage or hearing the words “Are you sure?”

I hope I can sleep..