The only thing slowing me down before I go on vacation is the turning back of the clocks. It is causing me to wait one more hour before getting on the plane to start the vacation.

Before I forget why I started this blog, which was to see my progress towards qualifying for the Crossfit Games, the Thursday and Friday WOD’s were a big mental uplift for me. Lately I have not noticed any progress in what I have been doing. Doing the FRAN workout left me very disappointed as I was 3 minutes slower than my previous time 4 months ago. I had to step back and rethink what I was doing and how I got to where I am right now.

What I came up with after thinking about this all the way home after was that I am letting my ego dictate what I would do that night. I did too much weight or tried to outpace myself for various WOD’s. On Thursday I decided that I would cut back on some weight as the WOD involved running and weight. I am not fond of running however this would be good test for my theory. It worked. I was only 4 minutes behind some people who have been doing this for longer than me and run much better than I.

With the Thursday success, what would Friday be like? Using the same thinking of cutting down the weight to around 75%-80% of max rep I found that I actually felt better, kept my form for longer periods, and went faster without doing everything at maximum effort. I have to remember that this is really a marathon and the finish line is still months out. To me this is mental uplift and if I can get any boost from this that improves my skills than I have accomplished another part of the goal.

It is good to start a vacation, especially a long one, with positive reinforcement. During my vacation I have decided to see if there is a Muay Thai club in the area and see if they will give an old guy a few tips or lessons. It would be fun if they did.

I am looking forward to Thursday and have been counting down the days til I do. After thinking about it, we both really do need the time off. Me, I have managed to get in the better shape and my wife has had both hips totally replaced and had to get a revision done due to a muscle tearing off at the screws in the last 16 months and is still going to Crossfit, so this will be a welcome relief.